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Edy C.

Sibenik, Croatia

Born in 1980. in Sibenik, Croatia. Made his first contacts with electronic music through house and tech-house parties. From that point, his involvement in music, and the local scene in general, became bigger and bigger as he eventually found himself emerged in techno.

In the year 2003., he teamed up with his long time friends Aztec and Tom D Vox under the “Incognito Project” moniker and in short time produced a number of succesfull EP’s for various prestige record labels, such as Bad Girls, Pitch, Omegaritam, Monoid, Bassethound and Cobra, giving him a chance to be on the same label as Valentino Kanzyani, Bryan Zentz, Alexander Koning, Marko Nastić, Alex Flatner, Adam Jay, Mark Williams...