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Dub Explorer Sound System is a young crew from Belgium.

Founded in january 2017 in Brussels they began to create their own dub universe full of Jamaican and English roots music but also a lot of psychedelic and stepper influences.
Quickly they were playing in a lot of parties from the deep cellars to the common Soundsystems.

The Dub Explorers are also proud to spread a strong political message about the need to open up the borders. They think Babylon is a source of diseases and problems but they prefer to teach everyone the speech of Jah to manage a better society.
In the end of 2019, Dub-O-Russ joined the band to bring a violin magic touch to the band and few months later, Kamala joined also the adventure for the live chant.
This project is mainly driven by the taste of international music, the love they like to share and the work to get more freedom.
See you on the internet or on our next date ! Don't forget to subscribe the facebook and on the other music medias