Dj Bazooka

Basel, Switzerland

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Dj Bazooka:
Armed with just talent and decks of steel, the bazooka of the Swiss DJ scene has been fighting a decade-long private battle against the occasionally sedate Swiss club scene. DJ Bazooka made his name at the most famous clubs in Schaffhausen before moving to Basel where he soon became a permanent star of the legendary 'Soulsugar' club nights. With his innovative sets and natural grasp of all the latest trends, the friendly DJ just keeps on managing to blow dance-mad clubbers away and leave them facing a sweaty walk home in the morning.

The multi-talented DJ has also been a successful producer for a number of years, backing Swiss and international rap artists with his beat bombs, along with well and truly shaking up the electronic scene with his Basel-based 'Bongo Kids' duo. Through all that, he has always found a way for his own productions to feature along with...