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Berlin, Germany

DJ Def Jam
Already at the age of eight years, he discovered that there’s only one worthwhile love --- music.
Fascinated From Public Enemy, Dr.Dre, N.W.A to diverse Techno acts, he got pretty enthusiastic and it didn’t take him long to work with turntables for the very first time and to fine-tune his scratches and backspins.
On his own admission, he never would have thought that this was the beginning of his professional career. To be honest, it was a rapid development and the list of appreciable clubs and locations in berlin became longer and longer: Asphalt, Department, Diamonds(Köln) --- to name but a few. They all were delighted with his incredible work, skills and competence. Bottle popping and hot, scantily dressed girls, who dance to the beats and wait impatiently for the next masterstroke of DJ Def Jam.