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David Gabriel

Estarreja, Portugal

I was always been fascinated by music and with 16 years old did my 1st Radio Show at Rádio Antena Livre, currently Rádio Voz da Ria - www.rvria.pt

There I showed that my main genres were Alternative Rock and Pop Music.

This unparticular combination allows me to have a unique kind of Sound.

However my true passion was yet to show.

As soon as dance music come to Portugal, I woke up to it with the due influences of twelve inches like So Get Up - Underground Sound of Lisbon and Jaydee - Plastic Dreams and Labels such as Tribal America, Strictly Rythm or Kaos, among others that I embrace it deeply.

Now I play Soul, Funk, Disco, House, Minimal & Tecno in Bars & Clubs.

Making me a multifaceted DJ, embracing several musical styles like Lounge, Chill Out & Nu-Soul..