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London, United Kingdom

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams!" - Arthur O'Shaunessy.

DJ DanSingh - DJ, Regular host on Changing Faces Radio Show - Cafe Mambo Radio, Move Ibiza, We Get Lifted, Massive Dance Radio, Artefaktor, Recent DJ gigs Include: HedKandi 20th Anniversary at Ministry of Sound.
Note:All tracks legally purchased by me. Support the artists!

My passion for dance began in '87 when the first house/techno tracks crossed the Atlantic to the UK. In '88 Acid House changed the way I saw music. It's fair to say those early tracks are still shaping the dance floor today.

In 1992 I started working in Vines, Derby and befriended Dj's Gilly & Shardcore. DJ Gilly and I spent a lot of time talking about new tracks and spinning on the decks even when the pub was closed.

Eventually DJ Gilly did me the ultimate favour. He leant me his beloved Technics 1200s & 2ch Vestax mixer for a week. I didn't sleep that week, but learnt my craft in those few days. Forever grateful.