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DJ Rebizzle

Danbury Ct, United States

DJ Rebizzle is an up and coming DJ/Producer whose been heavily influenced by the likes of great DJ's/Producers such as Junior Vasquez, Jonathan Peters, Danny Tenaglia, Razor & Guido, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles, ect. DJ Rebizzle has been Producing and Composing House/EDM for the past 2 years developing his skills as an Artist/DJ and is beginning to get recognition for his work and is determine to bring good and wholesome music to the masses. He has yet to spin at night clubs or in any engagements which will happened real soon. So stay tuned as he brings more music in the future. He's released his first single EP with 2 tracks called Pick It Up and Innocuous Love Club beat. He also entered a remix competition on Metapop releasing 2 remix tracks that he produced. One is called Serenity by JF and the other one is Scarface Tony Montana Theme music club version. DJ Rebizzle used to party at clubs in NYC back in the mid to late 90's.