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DJ Rabbi Eric

Mo City, Texas, United States

Most folks know me as "The Rabbi" or Rabbi Eric. I've been involved in the music biz from about the age of 14, when I made my first mix. I've DJ'ed here & also when I was stationed in Germany. I made the transition from the club scene to the RAVE scene in the mid-90's. Early on in that period, a youngster by the name DJ FiXXX (waz up, Jeff?) tagged me with the name Rabbi when he found out that I was STUDYING to become one.... still workin' on dat... I met a bunch of really good folks, promoters and DJ's, which motivated me even more to become a promoter/producer. Later, I met who I thought was the love of my life & got married... too bad she had other plans. ;) Eventually, I got 'high-jacked on the highway' (actually @ the Katy Mills Mall), and the State held me hostage from 8-30-02 until 5-7-12! But fortunately, now I'm back on the scene and doing music again as a Founder of the "Unite As One FREE Beach Music Festival"... while Havok & I raise our blessed baby Junglist, EthanBearz!