Curtis Audiophile Cafe

Barcelona, Spain

Audio cafe, cocktail bar & record store.
Our sound system includes a Class A Passlabs XA30 amplifier, a couple of "In The Groove" phono amps by Pathos, a P.S Audio Power Plant, Radius4 rotary mixer by Mastersounds, a couple of Heresy III oak wood Klipsch speakers, 3 roof mounted Omionda Sky designed by our friend Stephan Rodiqs for local brand Triple Onda and, of course, a pair of Technics 1200G with good old Shure M44G cartidges.
Our space has been designed to offer a pleasant listening experience and a feelgood comfy vibe. DJ sessions every weekend and a great selection of records, books and magazines to browse, listen, read and buy.
New!! Curtis Radio Show every 2 weeks featuring worldwide DJs, diggers and selectors playing an exclusive and nicely curated selection of 10 songs that they keep close to their hearts. Launching our 1st show on June 10th 2022 and we will upload here all the shows here every second week.
C/ Mallorca 196, Barcelona, Spain.