Munich, Germany

Cats On Bricks are DJs & Music Producer in love with Progressive-EDM = Steam House, the genre Cats On Bricks are introducing.
Already booked for Ultra Music Festival, Electric Mountain Festival, Hï Ibiza, Pacha , Elrow, (...) Cats On Bricks are on a mission:
take A ride 🚂 till U steam

From their steam train called STOOM, they are introducing the Steam House sound, that rolls & whistles like STOOM… 🚂 take A ride.
On board of STOOM, they take you on uplifting rides into the Steam House age … 🚂 till U steam

The Steam House age is defined by the rides STOOM takes:
- Unique sound
- Creative art
- Fascinating performances
- Steampunk fashion
- Futuristic avatars

Another ride is their monthly Steam House Radio Show (over 1 Mio listener worldwide / Syndication by: This is Distorted)

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