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492 Korna Klub

492 Korna Klub is the 1st interactive community radio series!

492 Korna Klub is a new project carried out by volunteers aiming to reinforce social cohesion, support community development in the difficult times we live in and motivate people to make a difference. 492 Korna Klub series is based on the Forum Theatre technique which is used to tackle oppression and inequalities and explore social problems that concern us all. Listeners can actively participate and determine the course of the series by communicating with the characters, sharing their thoughts and suggesting solutions to the ongoing dilemmas. The show airs every Friday 5 PM on Galaxy Radio 102,5 FM.

The story is about an Afro-Caribbean family the Henrys and the community centre they run. When the parents Arthur and Dorothy decide to return to Jamaica after 50 years of life in the UK, handover their possessions to their children and pass on the management of the centre things get complicated!