No Holds Barred 23

No Holds Barred 23

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No Holds Barred 23

Having got my need for chilled out sounds well and truly out of my system, I realised I needed some tunes that would sound great on a decent club system so here's a mix of new and old - starting fairly deep with Joy Orbison and a classic from Mark E, but picking up the pace and heading to some proper hands-in-the-air gear from Norma Jean Bell, Mousse T and MF Robots. I wanted to end on a positive note with all the stuff that's going on right now so who better than Terri Walker and the epic "Our Time Is Coming" from MAW beautifully remixed by Jazzanova from back in the day. If I close my eyes, I'm almost back at The Magnet in Liverpool spinning this on their Funktion One sound system with a cold beer in hand.....


Playing tracks by Joy O, Mark E, Freshco, Nikitch & Kuna Maze, DOKTA VENOM and more.