Tim Scott

Liverpool, United Kingdom

I love music. And I've been lucky enough to make some and play some.

As a DJ, I've supported some of my biggest inspirations, like Gilles Peterson, Norman Jay and Roy Ayers, and played at some brilliant clubs. I've met and interviewed exceptional musicians and producers like Mark de Clive Lowe, Domu, Waajeed, Zed Bias and The Heritage Orchestra.

I haven’t achieved my dream of appearing on Top of the Pops, but I have had some great feedback on my music from people I admire like Laurent Garnier (“Great soul music... Brilliant.”) and Ashley Beedle (“Very forward music and right up my street...”) and DJ and radio support for my tunes from Mr Scruff, Benji B, Kevin Beadle, Simon Harrison and Phat Phil Cooper to name just a few.

My philosophy remains the same as always. Duke Ellington said “There are only two types of music: good and bad”. I’d soften that a bit by saying: there are only two types of music: stuff you like and stuff you don’t. I’ll be bringing you stuff I like.