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Graz, Austria

Xicurry is always in quest for unique sounds. The name itself is comprised of ξ (Xi) standing for the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet which, in Physics, symbolizes the amplitude. Without this there would be no music at all. Curry, as an Indian blend of spices, embodies the varied tracks for his sets.

Xicurry has a deep sense of carring for the crowd. He always tries to create wonderful moments together with his listeners and the choice of tracks. These moments are his motivation to bring his sound to the people and see them connecting to the music and to each other.

In the Summer of 2008, he discovered Djing and fell in love with the artistry. Since 2013, he is a part of Soundküche which stands for Dj/anes and lovers of sound (aus Liebe zum Klang). He considers this group of like-minded people his family and co-creators.