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White Lion Radio

Manchester, United Kingdom

The idea behind White Lion Radio is pretty simple really, I am very passionate about 80s music, especially electronic and dance music from that era. In the 1980s I use to go to a Disco every Wednesday with loads of friends to listen to and dance to 80s music.

The Disco's were held at the White Lion Pub in Manchester, and so it made sense to create a Radio Station featuring my favourite music and to dedicate the station name to the place I discovered my passion for 80s music.

The shows are quiet varied and in the main consist of special Mixtapes without having to listen to a DJ. The shows also celebrate the wonderful 1980s 12 inch single as well as compilation tapes from a wealth of 80s artists. Each month you will be able to listen to a unique Live DJ Mixtape in which all aspects of music, including unsigned bands, will be featured.

Official Homepage: http://whitelionradio.myfreesites.net/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/White-Lion-Radio/411016518989771