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Vali NME Click

Berlin, Germany

NME CLICK [dsci4 | basswerk | shadybrain | climate | trust in music]

NME Click are Vali (Berlin), Önder *Grimmi*, Heiko *Solid Frame* & Marvin *MC Marvelous* (all based in Ulm), operating since 1994. Own music found homes on labels such as DSCI4, Trust in Music, Basswerk, Blue Saphire, Shadybrain, Climate, Dangerous New Age, Icarus, Mindtech and others. They run the Feeel! festival and event-series Touchdown, Noir, Echoes From The Future and Authority. StepUp! - their radioshow on (Sat. 7-10 pm MET) - runs since steady 15 years. They mostly play back to back selections of dark and rollin Drum&Bass with a widespread selection from Neuro and Tech to Liquid and Oldskool. Accompanied by MC Marvelous it makes for a good portion of contrasting music.

There sometimes might be non-dnb mixes with other good music, too ;-)