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Kamasutra Psy Crew, Czech Republic
booking & info:
psychedelic (darkpsy/ darkprog/ forest)
techno & house (deep/ dark/ hypnotic/ dub)
chillout & downtempo (deep dubstep/ bass/ hiphop/ triphop)
and moar...
The world of electronic music absorbed me when I was 15 years old, with my first freetekno party. I discovered psytrance when I was 17 and I went to my first psytrance festival soon. At this time I was making live tribe/ mental tekno. When I was 20, I started mixing psytrance. One year later, in 2011 I started DJing at psy parties and soon joined Kamasutra psy crew. Today, my interest in DJing is concentrated mainly on dark/ forest psytrance, dark prog, psychill, deep dubstep and different styles of techno, but I am into a lot of another genres also..