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West Bengal, India


Founded in 2008, TRIMUKHI PLATFORM is Santhal/Bengali/French organisation dedicated to produce contemporary arts forms (performing arts, sound, visual and video arts), build bridges between different human worlds and stimulate the invention of original thought. It was founded in West Bengal, India, by 18 families from the tribal Santhal village of Borotalpada, a social facilitator from Kolkata and an out-of-the-ordinary French theatre director and philosopher residing in India. Among the 12 members of the directive bureau, the youngest is now 16 years old and the oldest is 46: they take collectively all the decisions. So far they have organised 8 NIGHT OF THEATRE festivals, staged 12 theatre-dance-video performances, set up 6 sound installations happenings, showcased 4 photography exhibitions, collaborated in 4 art installations and published 3 issues of FABRIQUE DE L'ART.