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Tous Les Deux

Ghent, Belgium

In sunny times of 2012 a collaboration of two Belgian deejays with a classical music education in the bag reached surface. We became resident DJ’s for the ‘Route du soleil’ travel concept and finished third place in MNM Start To DJ, a dj contest organised by one of the biggest national radio stations.

That launching platform brought us an incredible collection of memorable parties all over the Flemish region. We convinced every crowd by playing a smooth mix of numerous genres combined with technical abilities. Taking the best of every genre, we succeeded to deliver an energetic and steaming set over and over again.

Since spring 2018, my compagnon Jeroen left Tous Les Deux due to pursuing other goals. From that moment onwards, I follow my own path. Going even deeper to find forgotten jams and current gems, spiced with catchy remixes and surprising edits.

The booth is mine.
The floor is yours.