Stonehaven, United Kingdom

Hi and welcome to my channel. I dabble in the following:
1. Eurovision
2. Classical Music
3. 1900s - 1950s music
4. 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s - present day music
5. Dance mixes
6. Educational Documentaries
7. Greatest Hits Charts
8. Interviews
9. All things RETRO

There are various playlists and something for everyone. As I grow my channel please feel free to share it around on social media or just share my shows. I like to engage with people and what you do get are hours of hardwork to create professional sounding presentations.
I am an amateur documentary maker who makes them for personal enjoyment and educational purposes.
And I AM NOT a professional DJ mixer. Everything I do is for personal enjoyment. If others enjoy it too then fab!