Dave Milligan

United Kingdom

Remember when music was SO important? When you'd get on your bike with your pocket money burning a hole in your pocket and cycle through the rain to the local record shop because you just HAD to buy SOMETHING? Remember lovingly crafting a mixtape for someone you were trying to impress?

That's what this show is all about.
There is still music being made that is THAT good, and we've been personally digging out the good stuff, so you don't have to.

Researched, compiled and presented by
Dave Milligan (Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective/Arco /The Penguin Party), JosieJo (The JosieJo Show), Dave Vagrant (Dave's Music Shed), Lew Tassell, Gareth Hall and Chris Healey.

Fiercely independent music show run by music obsessives since 2010
Indie / Powerpop / Punk / Alt Eock / IDM / Ska / Reggae / Electronic / Experimental / Avant-Garde / Ambient etc.

Tuesdays 11pm US Eastern / 4am UK GMT
Thursdays 8pm US Central / 2am UK