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San Francisco, Ca, United States

DJ Collectives I am part of ;

[ Friends-N-Family // CloudFactory ]

FnF : http://cfaea.net
CF : http://cloudfactory.org

It all started with a magazine about Hip-Hop and a trip to the Platinum Records when I was 16. Things have not been the same since.

Over the years I've played many styles ; Breaks, IDM, Techno, Downtempo, Disco, and even Classic Rock. I've had my chance to explore and refine my craft. All for the love of music.

These days I am playing deeper stuff with a higher sound quality more suitable for large sound-systems (Know:Audio). Pulsing out moody, or techy grooves in ; House, Techno and Downtempo.

A/V Collectives I work with ;
Radiant Atmospheres : http://radiantatmospheres.com
Know:Audio : http://knowaudio.com