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Tales of Tono

London, United Kingdom

Born 1986: Proclaimers. 2unlimited. Gipsy Kings. 90s dance music. Tuning into pirate garage on the radio. Secondary school: HIP-HOP. Sitting at the edge of the playground rapping along to Jurrassic 5 on CD-Walkman. Dnb skibadee Luck and Neat wire up the arm in lessons. Got decks age 16. Musical explosion: Shoreditch, techno, dancehall, skunky clubs, old skool hardcore. Japan age 19: psytrance raves in the mountains. My passions: Jungle and Breakcore. Played a few breakcore nights at Uni. Went off it. Now (in London): Jazz, traditional, world, funk, weird beats, psychedelic... Still love the percussions. Get in touch if you like the style! My writing also published in Different Skies: http://differentskies.net/issues/articles/4/Playground.php