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Steve Martin

Monte-Carlo, Monaco

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With a special music, ranging from dance'70 /'80 to House music, but with variations that often leave the mouth open to the public, Steve Martin has said in Italy and abroad playing in the Club more important. Since releasing Temple has never fallen from the podium .. despite the years in which he tried to convine himself that was NOT put more music. Surely is a cornerstone of the names of Dance landscape in Italy. Our country full of great talents in the field production and remixing. But in console, with the track before, knows to be the number one. And 'able to accompany any dancefloor through all the hidden vibrations of music. It 'a' master of ceremonies'. It is not therefore only a DJ, is a character, in the most noble sense of the word. Listening to his music, participate in the party, causes a continuous feeling of energy that he and a few other DJs in the world to know, the perception of what it means to enjoy a Dance party.