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Snow Flakes

Ahmedabad, India

Hailing from the flatlands of Ahmedabad, India, Snow Flakes has been influencing the playlists of some of the world’s top DJs for over 14 years now. Snow Flakes is undoubtedly one of the most prolific prospects on the Electronic Dance Music scene in India. Their imaginative music has successfully crossbred virtually every sub genres of Trance
& Progressive.

The journey so far: Over the recent years, very few Indian musicians have had the same impact on the world of electronic dance music, as have Snow Flakes. 2010-12 has been very much about studio work. Whopping 7 original tracks and 12 remixes have showcased not only great productivity, but also a capability to master everything from house to progressive. The move to the United Kingdom for a couple of years, proved to be a great decision for Snow Flakes, gaining vital producing experience while building a solid technical foundation.