Midlands, United Kingdom

Slipcode is a Hard Dance, Trance, Techno and House DJ from the UK. Slipcode was introduced to electronic sampled music in the late 80's with groups such as Kraftwerk and The Art of Noise on his playlist.
Hooked on loops, beats and samples, slipcode made his way through the 80's synth beats and into Acid House and dived head first into the 90's Rave scene, attending infamous events such as Dreamscape, Fantasia, World Dance and Raindance - addicted to the bass from huge sound systems and the never ending energy the DJ's and music provided.
Late 90's and 2000's bought Hard House and Trance to slipcode's attention. Borrowing from the earlier rave scene slipcode immediately felt at home. Clubs such as Ultra Vegas, Godskitchen, Miss Moneypennys, MOS, Gatecrasher were all regulars.