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Scott Allen

Los Angeles, United States

(Soul Deep Recordings)
(Fokuz Recordings)
(Liquid V Recordings)
(Jazzsticks Recordings)
(Good Looking Records)

My name is Scott Allen and I'm originally from Seattle, WA USA. I Currently reside in Los Angeles, Ca., where I've been deejaying for over ten years.

I'v always loved Drum & Bass, but over the last five years I've come to appreciate it as my favorite genre to produce, deejay, and collect. You can find my releases on Soul Deep Recordings, Good Looking Records, Fokuz Recordings, Celsius Recordings, Expressions, Influenza Media, Telluric Recordings, Have-a-Break, Sheer Velocity Recordings, Liquid V, Jazzsticks Recordings, & Phuzion Digital.

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