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Paris, France

Psychill music has this magic power of helping you travel in time & space with your senses. Gently reminding of a certain feeling you already experienced, bringing back the memories of certain situations, people & places.. Or covering with some new unexpected sentiments & awakening the curiosity to wonder.

For a person playing, singing or mixing its a way to transmit the feelings, ideas, reflections beyond or in addition to words in a condensed or broad, intensive or calm way, in a common to some & different to other listeners manner.

For DJ Runa it's a source of inspiration & unlimited field for experimentation, a universe where anything is possible..

Performed at European festivals (Vibronica (UA), Future Nature (HR), S.U.N. (HU), Nowhere (ESP), TITS (CH), Burning Night (FR) etc. ) and many parties (Misterika, UA; Inspiral, UK; Live Love Create, FR etc.). Collaborated with Gagarin Project for Cosmic Awakening and organising Gagarin Night & Live Love Create editions.