Berlin, Germany

like the BLASTMASTER KRS-ONE said:

"You have to create yourself to know yourself" !

so ROCKDAMOST just means, I believe in myself.

Everybody should be the Greatest for themself.

"Rock Da Most" (DJ Derezon - DefJam Germany) was a 80´s Hip Hop Band, in Berlin/Germany, who released first german Rap-Vinyl ever.
i started using "rockdamost" first as a Ebay-Name, later as DJ, as a Dedication to our Pioneers of Hip Hop.

I use almost Vinyl, for my Sets, with two MK2 SL1200, a Mixer, my Laptop with Audacity, in the old Tradition of Cassette have Soundtracks for the ride and the dance.
You can be sure, I always had a "Single"-Dance-Party and a small crowd of Listeners in my mind, while recording.
you can´t scratch when you dance...

Music is like Water - Holy, Endless and Healing!

p. s.:
I´m not here for being liked, I know what I can...and o´curse, what not, but if you like it, you really like´s ok, to leave a like, I can handle it, o´course sista!

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