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Robot Bennett

Berlin, Germany

"Book me before I die" -

How many people do you know who take up DJing in their late 60s? How many of these DJs play hard, dark and deep techno? And how many are actually really fucking good? The answer is one – Robot Bennett.
The Robot is a wonderful, incredible anomaly. His love of electronic music stretches back to the early 90’s, when he tasted first hand the fabled golden era of techno clubs in Berlin where he has lived since 1982. He was at the Loveparade. He danced in the warehouses and basements, revelled at the festivals, and absorbed all of this influence from one side of the equation.
A lifelong musician, he balanced his passion alongside a career as a therapist and yoga teacher. During a group session he was playing one of his own techno mixes, and a well known club promoter just happened to be part of the group. The promoter was so impressed by his selections that he suggested he try his hand at DJing. It was the spark that lit the bonfire.