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Rich Embury

Saskatoon, Canada

Whether it be the soundtrack of your youth, with hard rock and heavy metal of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, on "POWER HOUR," Or its the fresh, new heavy metal and rock on "R3TROGRAD3," Or a mix of new & classic metal on "METALLIC UTOPIA." All the freshest heaviness, and the rockers that bring back memories, are right here. You'll want to SUBSCRIBE, so you don't miss out! Dig in and CRANK IT LOUD!!

Rich is an Internationally syndicated presenter of "Rich Embury's R3TROGRAD3" + "Rich Embury's POWER HOUR" on nearly 25 international stations (full list at! In addition to 3rd show "Rich Embury's METALLIC UTOPIA," exclusively on FCK.FM! Rich was also the owner of Pure Rock Radio (1996-2021 RIP), broadcasting on the internet YEARS before AM/FM/Satellite stations started, and is Canada's first and longest-lasting rock/metal internet station still, to this day, with 25 years of history and innovation!