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Nameless City

Százhalombatta, Hungary

I am trying to embody this dark thrill in my music. This is how these writings affect me. Facing fear and horror and meeting pre-human forces, the Great Elderly are the basis of his stories. This is what I suggest with my music as well. Atmospheric chords imply supernatural creatures, the Great Elderly, tribal drums summon ancient sects and demonic cults, effects and spoken inserts as well as sometimes aggressive bass lines are the results of adrenaline rush caused by fear. At the same time piano and strings are used to show beauty and desire as well as dreams: dreaming of other worlds, unknown places where fantasy and reality are mixed.
This is a journey into the world of dreams, beauty and fear. Come with me, if you will, let me show you what I mean. Slowly, from downtempo and dark ambient we ravel to the borders of brusque and aggressive electro-industrial and at the end we will see what beauty is hidden in it for us...