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Papa Bo Selektah

Minsk, Belarus

Papa Bо Selektah (Minsk. Belarus ⇄ Tbilisi. Georgia)
/ melodic techno, hypno-punk, ethno-future, forward thinking music, world electronica, organic house, chillrave /

Papa Bo Selektah is a trendy Minsk selector with extensive GIG geography (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ukraine, USA, India, Sri Lanka) and unconditional musical taste. Resident of Belarus Outside Sound System, cultural centre “KORPUS” and series of evening parties “Niadzelia”. His multi-genre musical erudition allows him to shake up the dance floor in any circumstances - from hypnotic chill-rave to mathematical techno with sounds of symphony orchestra, from subtle jazz-hop to shaking ethno-bass, from mesmerizing folktronics to powerful organic house and melodic techno. For his listeners, Papa Bo always prepares very atypical selection, a lot of intelligent sounding and fat groove part. All music diversity, he richly spices with ethnic motifs of exotic cultures.