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Budapest, Hungary

!!! My renewing mixcloud is at https://www.mixcloud.com/popdavec !!!
-I'm a Budapest based promoter, producer, dj, sound engineer & more. Born 1981.
-I work as music promoter at Lumen Café, Kisüzem & Jazzaj series in Budapest.
I used to work at Sirály & Roham.
-I host a radio show called 'Optimal' on Radio Tilos on every friday 0 AM to 03 AM. Working at Tilos since 1996.
-my own label is Prepost Records where I release my recordings from gigs i promote and also my studio recordings
-As producer/promoter I'm interested mostly in free, improvised music and I'm also hosting a one-man producing label named 'monkeybusiness'.
-As a dj I used to play as 'Placid' detroit techno, 90's minimal music, abstract hip-hop & electronica. Nowdays I use 'Popdavec' or 'Popec' as a dj-name and play everything I like with no forcing styles. Spacejazz, afro-beat, psychedelic shed-rock, rhythm'n'blues, punk, new wave, hip-hop, psycholatin, experimental, techno & whatever...