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जैव एंड्रॉयड (BioAndroid)

Nürnberg, Germany

जैव एंड्रॉयड Artist by जैव एंड्रॉयड Artist by Decoordination Rec & Celtic Circle Tribe

BioAndroid is the Psychedelic project of Ronny aka Spliff from Nürnberg ( Ger ). He likes dark and driving sounds starting at Forest on Darkpsy to Hitech. He starts the project in 2012 after 5 years Psypartys he visited and helped to shape the large part and a part of Psykonia Festival. He also founded his own party series named PsyCosÁctivity and since 2015 Chaotikk Monkey's.

Co Project with MorphBold/DjWieDu/KaktusRausch: BioBold, BioWieDu