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Prague, Czech Republic

polyXonic DJ and MC project ► It starts as a DJ's project of the polyXonic duo - Michael and Jack (2008). Since March 2010 djs project in to the polyXonic DJ&MC project, which nowadays includes 3 members: DJ Michel PolyXonic,DJ Bertram and MC BaSSbaras.

polyXonic Records & The Studio ► It is an independent music label, under which can artist and producers issue. Sole Proprietor Michael Sebek alias Michael PolyXonic has found the Label in January 2011 (11.01.2011). The base of the label and also the studio it’s situated in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe Union. It is specialized on house music, electro house and electronic dance music genres. The studio is used to professional recording, mastering and other sound editing services. List of the artist issuing under the polyXonic: Michael PolyXonix, Jake PolyXonic, Viktor Da Rocha and the next one will be MC BaSSbaraS.