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Poison Ghost

Tokyo, Japan


Poison Ghost is a DJ and producer focused on tech house tracks with floating, subtle melodies and brutal drops. A DJ who has been behind the decks everywhere from Detroit to Tokyo, he first found his love of spinning with classic funk, electro, and disco tracks for b-boys and tutters in the US midwest. After moving to the west coast, he explored the techno and house scenes and fell in love with tech house. After 15 years of throwing parties for ravers, house heads, and breakdancers, he began producing in his studio in Tokyo.

His dancefloor philosophy is to always keep the beats coming, and bring the audience to the brink of exhaustion before allowing them a second to breathe. Always empathic with the party, he trickles in previews of the big room tracks, and makes sure to build the excitement subtly before he allows the audience to peak.