Piet P-bone Fuchs

Cologne, Germany

piet p-bone fuchs .. check out: www.nextmovie.de
and @pietpbonefuchs
piet p-bone fuchs is dj, writer, actor & director and part of the so called "kölner gruppe" , a group of indepentent film+art-makers.
he is also as dj p-bone part of the soulsauce-dj-team and with max mcMT tuveri he presents since march 2019 from time to time the podcast MAXI BONE RADIO SHOW (piet BONE fuchs & MAX mcMT tuveri ...talkin about sense and nonsense of art & life...and playing inspiring music...)
in the special podcast THE-P-BONE-SOUND-XPERIENCE dj p-bone presents also from time to time an international mix of new & old bits of beatz, songs and sounds check out : www.nextmovie.de