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Pep's Show Boys

Barcelona, Spain

Pep Alegria offer the most elegant mix of swing music with electronic beats.
A big trend already working good nowadays in North Euro- pe, at last is coming in Spain towards many brands ads on TV, radio, and many soundtracks.
Catching rhythm and vintage melodies, a perfect recipe to create the best of the shows.
Charisma and freshness united to an authentic music se- lection. That’s what makes the audience go crazy enjoying the perfect combination between art and entertainment.
A live show planned for exclusive parties, peculiar events and first class clubs.
Here below some of the best brands, festivals and clubs in the Electro Swing scene where they played:
Boomtown (Uk-2016), Hutball (G-2015-16), Manrusionica (Spn-2015), Cross Club (RC-2015), La Bo te (SP-2014), Hilton, Superdry, Havana Silken, Own Experiences, Ahoi, Axel Hotels, La Vella Farga.