A Lady Like P.A.C

Windsor, Ny, United States

Full disclosure: I’m a product of the Florida rave scene!
Old Skool Breakbeat freak. Anything funky, head boppin', ass shakin'. I just love the music, it's been a fun hobby for many years! Texas transplant from the west coast of Florida., now in the mountains of New York. My influences were and still are-, DJ Icey, Kimball Collins, Baby Anne, Monk, Three, T-Confucious (of Rabbit in the Moon), D-Extreme, Chris Fortier, Cosmic Baby, Dave Seaman, R-Fresh,, Huda Hudia, Trip Theory, Spacemen, Rick West (RIP), Sharaz, Paul Santana, Huda Hudia, Wes Smith..
I love Florida! And as someone said a few years back...
.“Back when it started, there was no right, no wrong, no direction or clear path. Radical self-expression, love for the music. That’s the way it was back then. And I think that’s the way it is now, too.” (Bunny RITM)
DJ on Underground Breaks Connection
Nominated 2 yrs in a row BBS Awards 2019 & 2020
Former DJ on NSBRadio.co.uk
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