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Montreal, Hong Kong

❖ PYSCĀ (DJ Set/Live Electronics)

PYSCĀ is a DJ Producer, Music Consultant, Sound Artist/Designer, Improv-Experimental Musician, Sound Therapist, Curator, Project Manager and Artistic Director of IZEN.

He believes in music/sound create the right mood, style, taste, atmosphere, energy to add value for precious experience at the right time and space .
His music style ranging from jazz, chill out, trip hop, hip hop, funk soul, punk, shoe gaze, ambient, minimal, experimental, house, bass, trap, dubstep, DnB, nu-disco, techno and more.

Relocated to HK from Montreal he performs with DJ decks, acoustic/electronic instruments not limiting to vintage synth, sampler, sequencer/drum machine and effects. He had been performing at festivals and corporate events with over 12 years worldwide experiences including Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, China, Portugal, UK, Germany and Norway.