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Pablito El Drito

Milano, Italy

After having organized concerts, set up stages and worked as a sound technician in the underground scene in Milan in the early nineties, I started being interested in electronic music as a dj first (since 1996) and then as a live setter (since 2003). I'm founder of Rexistenz records ( I wrote six books: Once Were Ravers, Rave in Italy, Diversamente pusher, Dalla Parte del Torto. Una storia hippie, punk e rave (with Dome la Muerte), Lo spettro della droga and Senza chiedere permesso.
I published 7 cds (Bit Bubbles, Backroom Industry, Smogville, Little Computer Disco, Nerdcore, Kleptocracy, Low Tech Division), one vinyl (Zombie Moroder) and several tracks on different compilations.