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Paris, France

Page fan : http://www.facebook.com/OOF.CX
Oof is a «DJ-director", he’s been directing about 30 music videos of found footage movies (Cinéclips) where he synchs music image & sounds. French pioneer of the DVJ shows, he gave about 400 audiovisual concerts abroad in the best museums, film & music festivals since 2003, thanks to the «Cinemix» album he produced on Universal Jazz, remixes of the most famous french soundtracks (from C.Craig to S.Gainsbourg or E.Morricone). Oof on vimeo : http://vimeo.com/oof.
Oof on bancamp : http://oofmusic.bandcamp.com.
He produced over ten mixtapes since 1992, his eclectic Dj-sets are a collision of electro & psych rock or afro-latin soul & hip-hop anthems, fitting every dancefloor, even the less advised ears.
Founder of Ping Pong, a cultural marketing agency who takes care of Ninja Tune since 13 years in France, he produced 160 events in Paris since 1997, festivals,conceptual nights of total art & exhibitions.