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Rome, Italy

Smeerch became a dj by nurturing his passion in music. He born in Puglia (Italy) but is living in Rome (Italy) since 1997. While was a boy, he started to act as MC in some school party, then he moved to Rome for attending the university and there his love for deejaying blossomed. So he started setting up parties and selecting records for his friends. In 2001 Smeerch’s curiosity discovered DAW softwares and how easy it is to sample small sound parts from songs, so the young dj started to stir sounds, mix synths and creating dance tracks.
In 2017 he releleased “Samples’ Salad”, a self financed EP pressed on only 100 vinyl.
Other releases:
- Afronenia [2019, Plastik People Digital]
- Hiccups feat. Shaina Jones [2021, Major Underground]
- Seashells [2022, Yellow Watermellow]
- Dancing Like Cher [2022, Yellow Watermellow]
- Need Enough of Love [2023, Yellow Watermellow]
- This Is The Rhythm [2023, Yellow Watermellow].