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Nate FX

Lexington, United States

Leaving traditional dj styles and equipment behind, FX uses computer software and digital controllers to barrage the sound system with an arsenal of soundscapes from deep, soulful grooves to pounding electro. Add in a touch of “retro rewind” 80s and 90s favorites, some hip hop plus bootlegs and it can truly be said that you never know what his performance will bring your eardrums.

Nate has been a major influence in the Midwest music scene since 1999 booking / djing with an array of acts from KRS-One, De La Soul and Rahzel to Q-burns Abstract Message, Miles Maeda and Deep House Souldiers. He once conducting parties containing thousands of patrons and owned a quaint music venue in downtown Lexington called Lower 48 that boasted good vibes, deep bass and rock walls. His new focus in the music world is “Good Life Sessions”. Don’t miss his set as his career continues to progress into an entertainment scene staple.