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Moonstruck Red

Dallas, United States

Im Moonstruck Red, a Hardcore DJ from Dallas, Tx and I am HTID (Hardcore Till I Die). Yes, yes, I'm afraid its an addiction which cannot be cured. Along with my faithful Hardcore companions of Section 8 Underground and Purple Monkey, we have fought for our music and have had fun doing it

Between these two promotions we have shared many great Happy Hardcore Memories which include:

Alice in Kandiland 1-3
Invasion of the Kandikids 08 & 09
Candy Mountain
Flux Capacitor
What This?!
Ani-Mayhem Dallas and Miami Edition

The biggest event for me personally was getting married to the love of my life Mia Loveless at our event called "Happily Hardcore Ever After" The happiest day of my life.

I currently have many projects. The most focused would be "Da Short Bus Ninjas" with my partner in crime DJ Midget.

I recently joined up with a Houston based crew called Undercore focusing on the continued growth and stability for The Texas Hard Dance