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Michael Johnson

I'm the owner, proprietor, editor, writer, photographer, html-wrangler, head chef and kitchen porter at Nemesis To Go, your online rock 'n' roll takeaway.

Not just another music zine on the web! Nemesis To Go is...well, I suppose it is just another music zine on the web, really. But I like to think it has its own territory and its own style. And pictures of rock stars. And jokes.

Here's the front page: http://www.nemesis.to

For more info about my zine (and my crazy showbiz years as a gig promoter), jump to this page of info:


For blog entries, updates between issues of my webzine, previews of new photos, and assorted other stuff, try these links:



Things will be a bit quiet around here until I've sorted out the hardware/software/wetware, but eventually some Nemesis To Go audio tangents will be streaming at you from this location.