Pete Smith (Rare 60's Vinyl)

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

My name is Pete Smith, the name Planet Records was my mail order 45's business (I now just use Pete Smith Northern Soul Sales), you might have seen me selling Ska and Northern Soul 45's from time to time. I sell records for a living and like to share some of them with people on my mailing list and anyone else who might be interested. I'll be uploading compilations of Northern Soul, Rocksteady, Ska, Reggae, 60's obscurities, Punk & Post-punk and whatever else might be of interest.
All my records are available to buy on my Facebook page - just do a search for Pete Smith Northern Soul.
Oh and I also publish a blog which is totally dedicated to rare and interesting 45's from the 60's, it's called Lost Vinyl Gems Of The 60's (Northern Soul And Beyond) and you can find it here:

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