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Marcus Greybeard

Denver, Co, United States

The Mission:
Dedicated to the celebration and proliferation of heavy fuzz music, from the classic era to the most recently emerging artists shaping the landscape of stoner, desert, psych, heavy blues, 70's retro, sludge, garage, grunge, space, and doom.

While this will surely be a fond trip down memory lane for some of us "old heads", it is also meant to track the path forward into the 21st century with each new generation of fuzz creators and fans.

The Show:
The FuzzHeavy Podcast airs daily, Monday-Friday, with a mix of themed music playlists and occasional artist features.

The Host:
Based out of Denver, CO Marcus Greybeard has been involved in the local music scene as a musician, promoter, and fan, since 1990. A life-long lover of music, Marcus has broad musical tastes, but it is his passion for heavy fuzz genres that fuels his interest in furthering the spread of this music, and the artists who create it, to a wider audience.