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Lecce, Italy

My name is Maurino, I was born in 1971 in the province of Lecce. Always passionate about the art of djing, at the age of 15 I buy the first sl1210 technics to be able to mix and perform in Salento venues offering only Underground music. After spending 2 years outside Salento I decide to import the format already widespread in the northern regions of the afternoons in the disco at "La Macina disco club". At the age of twenty, I began the activity of radio DJ at Activity network where I present and mix my 2-hour program live entitled Kaos time. My dj sets are composed exclusively of melodic techo and house music but I also do not mind techno, dark techo, deep and minimal. I love creating always dynamic DJ sets and I also like to insert traces of Placebo, Nirvana, Cure in them. I actively collaborate with ROA, deejayclub.net ,atmosphericsounds, djsline, beyond radio jammfmradio. Music is the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!